Prepared to Scare Productions Overview:

Prepared to Scare Productions consists of a team of highly dedicated and talented individuals that consistently push the envelope in design and are able to turn their visions into realistic scenes and sets. The production team met while volunteering their time for a local charity haunt and realized they all shared more than a love for Halloween, rather an extreme love and passion for haunting. The team also shares Scouting as a bond that ties them together. The majority of the team is comprised of former Eagle Scouts and both current and past adult troop leaders. After years of increased responsibility in designing the haunt, the group decided to form and create Prepared to Scare Productions. Their time and talents are seen throughout their detailed work and they have never stopped pushing the envelope year after year, despite budget and time restrictions.

Look below for a more personal look inside some of the production team.



Tom Bradley: Design / Construction

Hi, I'm Tom, and I have as we in the haunt industry like to call it, an extreme passion. My first experience with haunts was about 7 years ago when my son was in Scouting. To be a supportive dad, I was there for him when called to help with the haunted woods. As they say, the rest is history. Even though my son Mark, has moved on to the U.S. Marines, I still take a very active role in many aspects that go into pulling off a haunt. I was also involved with a few haunts growing up in California. I enjoy working on our hearse, even though it has been a challenging, but rewarding experience. My wife Maggie, is supportive of my passion for haunting and has helped out on many of the haunts. As a team, we are always working on ways to increase the intensity of the haunt while making it enjoyable for our team to run from behind the scenes. We are grateful to have dedicated volunteers, fellow scouts, and enthusiasts assist us with set up, haunting, and break down. The saying of "Passing it forward" holds true for all of us involved. We love to teach and show others what we do and how we do it. I know that we have completed our goal when we see the young and old jump, scream and run as they go through the haunt that we design every year. The big payoff is from volunteers that year after year are astonished at how we have outdone ourselves from previous years, and look forward to what we will come up with for the upcoming year. We are DYING to see you at our next upcoming production.
Tom Bradley a.k.a – Mr. B


Scott Copeland: Marketing / Design

Hi, I'm Scott; I, too, have a sickness or, as we in the haunt industry like to call it, an extreme passion. I am one of the founding team members who started first volunteering at local haunts and decided to drag a few of my friends with over the years. Here I am, 12 years later, still trying to outdo myself from the previous year. My degree is in Marketing and Management and I am finishing my Masters in Hospitality and Tourism Management, which I put to use in my real career outside of this extreme hobby. It has been a great challenge to work with a charity haunt over the last 12 years because I really get to stretch my imagination, as well as the dollar, to create the best haunt possible, while at the same time looking for unconventional ways to market it without drying up the well. I appreciate all the patience and support my family and friends have shown me when fall approaches and I fall into a Haunt Trance that I never seem to really come out of even after Halloween. I look forward to another great haunting season and to the memories that are made and shared in the process.
Scott Copeland a.k.a – Copes


Adam Hill: Electrical / Design / Construction

Hi, I'm Adam. I am also one of the founding group members who started working with the Lions Club charity haunt over twelve years ago. Back then it was all pretty simple. A few of us would hide behind bales of hay and jump out of the graveyard when a group of haunt patrons passed us on the path. Since then, we've evolved into tents, structures and actual buildings, as well as elaborate scenery, props and special effects. We've come a long way and there is certainly more to come each year we do this. My background is in business, specifically in the retail and wholesale distribution industry. My passion for haunting keeps me well rounded throughout the year. Going to haunts and tradeshows as well as working our own haunt lets me take a break from my day job and allows my imagination to run wild. I appreciate the help and support we receive from everyone involved in putting this event together each year. We put a lot of hard work into it each year and I hope you like what we have planned for this year.
Adam Hill a.k.a - Ace


Bill McAdaragh: Lighting / Special Effects

Hi I'm Bill, I have been one of those guys that never grew up.  I have been working on and building cars before I could even drive.  Building things has been a big part of my life, especially since I got into the Haunt industry over 9 years ago.  Ever since I joined our Scout Troop with my son Ryan, (Troop 378 out of Tinley Park, IL), and found out they were participating in an annual Haunt for the neighboring Lions Club, it has been a rush.  I have used my expertise and background in helping to create props and scares. I was the driving force on starting our team down the animated prop path with the use of motors and pneumatics.  I guess going to school for Robotics may have had something to do with it.  I have been supported by my family, wife Brenda, son Ryan, and daughter Kaitlyn, in pursuing this extreme passion or as some call it, a sickness.  Each year, the team vows not to change much, but before we even have anything put away from the last haunt, I am saying, "Hey you know I was thinking, next year we could…."   We have strived to outdo ourselves each year and so far, we have not failed to amaze ourselves on what we can put together. We also like working with the Scouts to teach them skills in an unconventional setting.  It is cool to see how they learn and teach each other too.  Hopefully this knowledge may help them decide what career path they may want to pursue in the years to come.  I hope you get a chance to come out and see what we have planned for this coming haunt season.  We think our part of the Haunt is like the "Icing on the Cake", or "Scream after the Scare"!  I hope you enjoy it as much as we love to create it. Thanks to those loyal patrons who come annually to see what we have designed and brought to life..or should I say, Death…?  Thanks for visiting our site.
Bill McAdaragh a.k.a - McAdoo


Diane Kaffka: Make-up / Costuming / Actor Trainer

I’ve been working with Prepared To Scare Productions for about 10 years now. I started because my two sons were in Troop 378 and the haunt is a great fundraiser for the boy Scout Troop! I have makeup experience through my community theatre group, so I was originally just helping with makeup for the haunts. Then, later, I was an actor and now I also help with prop building and costumes.


Chuck Kaffka : Construction / Actor Trainer

I’ve been haunting for about 10 years. I enjoy the building process and also hiding behind ficus plants to scare people.


Sam Kaffka : Actor

I have been working on haunts for about 10 years. I help build and, on the days of the haunts, I enjoy drop panels and scaring the p*ss out of people!


Other Consultants (backgrounds not provided at this time)

Brian Marino: Construction / Actor

Eddie Mullen: Construction / Lead Actor

Dennis Lontka: Construction / Actor

Craig Hill: Mechanic / Construction / MacGyver

Gerard Marino: Construction / Tradesman

Brenda McAdaragh: Make-up / Design / Marketing